Merus Partners began from Georganna Carlisle’s experience as the Controller of a high tech firm in Austin. Georganna worked herself out of a job when she turned around their financial operations and needed only 12 hours a week to run their financial department. The next step was to launch Merus Partners so that other firms could capitalize on Georganna’s knack for efficiency. By the way, the high tech firm is still her client.

After much hand-wringing over what to name the company, Merus Partners was born.

Today, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, the team at Merus Partners strive to provide the best possible service to their clients.  Merus Partners goal is to help business owners by reducing the time they spend on their finances, allowing them to focus more on what is important, growing their business, in order to add more to their bottom line.  Creating the American Dream that so many people strive for.

Merus Partners derives its name from the Latin word mereo, which means to obtain profit.


VERB – present active mereōpresent infinitive merēreperfect active meruī
profit, gain, earn, deserve, merit, obtain, earn a living